CCSET2023 is the International Conference on Cybersecurity, Cybercrimes, and Smart Emerging Technologies which is going to be organized by the College of Computer Science of Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia during 5-7 December, 2023. The objectives of CCSET 2023 is to provide a premier international platform for deliberations on strategies, recent trends, innovative approaches, discussions and presentations on the most recent cybersecurity, cybercrimes and emerging technologies challenges and developments from the perspective of providing security awareness and its best practices for the real world. Moreover, motivation to organize this conference is to promote research by sharing innovative ideas among all levels of the scientific community and to provide opportunities to develop creative solutions to various cybersecurity and smart emerging technologies problems. The conference welcomes papers of either practical or theoretical nature, presenting research or applications addressing all aspects of cybersecurity, cybercrimes, and smart emerging technologies, that concerns to organizations and individuals, thus creating new research opportunities. Moreover, the conference program will include various tracks, special sessions, invited talks, presentations delivered by researchers from the international community, and keynote speeches. We anticipate that this conference will open new entrance for further research and technology improvements in this important area.